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The Effects of Massages

• mental relaxation

• Stress reduction

• Lowering blood pressure levels and pulse rate

• relieving tension and adhesions

• Muscle relaxation

• Pain relief

• Increase of local blood circulation

• Improved tissue metabolism

• Improved lymph flow

• Strengthening the immune system

The Advantages of Office Massages

Employer Advantages:

✔  Ensuring that all employees perform the best of their ability

✔  Increasing motivation through strengthening identification of      the employee with the business

✔  Cost reduction through less sick days and fewer      production losses

✔  Increased productivity and quality of work

✔  Image appreciation of the business

✔  Increased the competitive edge of a business

The Advantages of Office Massages

Employee Advantages:

✔  Improvement of the physical condition

     and lowering of health risks

✔  Reduction of the number of doctors visits

✔  Decrease the pressure felt, and reduce stress

✔  Balance and revitalisation

✔  Maintaining and increasing performance

✔  Increasing contentment within the work place

     and creating a better working environment

✔  Improving the quality of life

An Example of How It Would Work

We come once a week to the business and work a full day which means in this case 8 hours.

A massage interval of 15 minutes has been agreed, which means that 20 clients will be treated, if one masseuse is on site.

A daily rate is agreed upon.

A list of available appointments is put on the company intranet. Employees can put their name (or abbrevation) onto the list.

We bring all necessary equipment with us. The client allows us access to the first aid room.

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Aside from the fact that often at work there is too little physical activity, equally as often the mental demands placed on individuals are excessive. Time pressure, work speed, communication deadlines or longer working hours, are all responsible for an increasing number of illness in the work day.

Stress manifests itself in 70% of people as either back, neck, and/or shoulder pain.

Combined with a one-sided work body posture this can quickly lead to problems.

Whether for a one off event or regular day,

we would be happy to work together with you

to find a suitable solution for your business.

We look forward hearing from you.

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This is an offer especially for businesses which want to give their employees the opportunity to prevent these symptoms and to keep their work-life balance.

Re-vitalising Short Massages at your Place of work

by our experienced massage therapists

For example on a weekly basis. Make it as easy as possible for your employees. Your employee doesn’t need to be away from his/her workplace for long, or s/he can take advantage of a massage during the lunch break.

In this way employers profit from significantly less longterm sick employees and from a noticeably better work environment through motivated, contented, employees, who will love their place of work as a result of the offered services.


• We visit your business for one occasion (e.g. healthcare day) or on a regular basis (e.g. once a week).

• We are covering at least 1.5, max. 8 working hours per day.

• A list of available appointments is put on the company’s internal net or placed somewhere else in your premises.

   Here, employees can put their name (or an abbreviation) to register for a refreshing massage. We will receive a copy of this list.

• We bring all necessary equipment with us. The client allows us access to a sanitary room or an unused office room.

• We recommend to have a hand washing facility within walking distance.

• Gladly, we offer you a non-committal trial date, including free massages for up to 3 of your employees.

   This gives you the opportunity to obtain the employees’ feedback beforehand.

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