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You can buy the card (about the size of a credit card) either directly from us or we can send it by mail in a visually pleasing envelope (either grass green or silver).



Buy a 5 Times Card Deutsche Sprache

Optionally, you may purchase the vouchers and Five Times Cards in  the form of our „Wohlfühlbox“ (Feel-good-box).

It will cost only 6 Euros in addition to the price of the voucher. The beautiful box is filled with all kinds of cosmetic items, one sparkling wine and the voucher itself.

(Image similar)



You are looking for an agreeable, useful present, regardless of the occasion.

Then give the gift of joy and relaxation in the form of a massage at work place or as a part of a private event.

Whether for family, friends or work colleagues this is a gift that is guaranteed to be appreciated.

The visually appealing gift certificates are available directly from us or we can mail or e-mail them to you.


Buy a voucher

Until further notice we will issue vouchers only for treatments of corporate customers as well as for private events. We ask for your understanding and hope to offer you vouchers for our treatments again in the future.

Please redeem your old Knetmännchen-TaunaBad vouchers until May 2019 !