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Mobile wellness massages to enhance your private event.

Get the experience of total relaxation into your house. Your guests will be enthusiastic.

Part- or full massages are possible based on a variety of massage methods, examples are:


You are looking for an extraordinary highlight for an event you are planning?

Pamper your clients, guests or visitors at your event with a mobile massage and your company will be definitely leave a positive and lasting memory.

For example:


In a massage chair for 10 minutes

Clients remain fully dressed.

This is an offer especially directed at businesses, who would like to offer their employees on site the possibility of a short, soothing massage. For example:

15 minute refreshing massages

The advantage of these short massages is that the employee only stays away from the workplace for a very limited amount of time, yet the employer profits from a significantly reduced number of sick days.

We would be pleased to help you develop a suitable concept for your business.


Please note: All treatments offered are designed to provide revitalisation, prevention and relaxation. It is not possible to provide diagnosis nor are symptoms or sicknesses treated. The treatments cannot replace therapeutical or medical massages, medications, and doctor appointments.

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